Monday, October 27, 2014

Wednesday October 29 6-8PM

  We will be sketching at the Cheese Patch, 20 E Main Street in Patchogue from 6-8.  Nice little spot to sketch.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This Wednesday at 7:15 PM

This Wednesday at 7:15 PM, there is a South Bay Meeting with a Critque's at the Bellport Community Center on Bell St, in's the same shared parking lot as Porter's restaurant.

We will be sketching there and you can bring work to be critiqued if you wish.

There are still the ongoing exhibits in Patchogue if you want to sketch those before the meeting..    There is the POP M'Art at 46 E Main Street, there is the Photography Show at Roast 41 E Main, and the Patchogue Arts Gallery at 20 Terry St.  Some of your fellow sketch clubbers and South Bay friends have art in these galleries.

Plus there is a bunch of scupltures scattered around the Patchogue village to sketch.  There is a list on line on the arts council's web site with the info where and when everything is.

NEXT WEEK:  we will be sketching at the Cheese Patch 20 E Main Street in Patchogue from 6-8.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This Wednesday from 6:30 to 8PM (they close at 8)

The weather is iffy for tomorrow.   I'd like to schedule an outdoor event but I don't want to take the chance there may be rain and I found a new venue.

I am going to schedule us to do the Dolci Momenti Bakery in Holbrook.  

315 Main St, Holbrook, NY 11741, it's near the Outback Steakhouse.

John and I went one evening and I sketched the cakes and it was awesome.  They have coffee, tea and other beverages and the display cases with the cakes are amazing subjects.  They have expresso and cappuccino.

You may have seen my one sketch I did already.  It was a lot of fun.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This Wednesday from 5:30 to 7PM

This week we are going to sketch at Avery Farm on South Country Road.   I don't have an exact address but it's between the Swan Deli and Robinson Blvd.   There are two driveways into the property, the driveway you want to use is the one closest to Robinson Blvd.  It's the second driveway on the left if you are traveling East Bound from Main Street on S Country Rd or it's the first driveway on the right after Robinson if you are coming West Bound (from Bellport) on S Country Rd.  It's a dirt driveway, the groomed one is the wrong driveway to use.

When you come in, SLOWLY drive to the back, you'll see the driveway extends back into the property, go all the way around bearing right toward the barn.  There will a long paddock to your left please park head in to the paddock so that everyone fits.  Please do not park along side the barn in case people want to sketch the barn.

This is a SKETCH AT YOUR OWN RISK site.  It's a farm and farms are not paved, watch your step...bring good shoes and warm clothes.

 Please do not open gates or latches, please request assistance from John, the caretaker.  I do not want miniature horses getting out on our watch.

There is an old office you drive by to come onto the propery, you can sketch that, the barn and possibly inside the barn, but please request permission first before entering the barn.  It's old and you have to be careful where you walk, please request assistance if you wish to go inside.

Final note, please do not approach the Minis or try to pet the minis in their stalls without permission from John.  Minis are very gentle but I do not want to be held responsible if someone gets bitten, for your safety and theirs, please leave them be.  We want to be welcome back at this site again in the Spring. 

Pat and I visited the farm today and it's a great location.  If I am giving precautions, it's because we've been invited to the property and I want it to be a safe sketching evening for us and the precious little minature horses.  It's very peaceful there.