Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This Wednesday at 5PM and Thanksgiving Challenge

This week we have a show that several of us were asked to be in.   One of the things about being out in the public eye is we are out where people can see us and a gallery owner offered space on his wall this week to sketch group members that wanted to show.

So for this week, the sketch night will be at the show.

However, for those are are already away or will be on the road, your Thanksgiving Challenge is to sketch something seasonal.  Be it the turkey, dessert or anything else that pops into your head.  Post it on FB so we all can see it.

If you are around, pop in to see Joan's, Bill's, Terri's, Rosanne's and my paintings tomorrow evening!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM

As you folks know, it's getting chiily out and it gets harder to find indoor venues to sketch.  One place that we found is the Sayville Diner on Main Street in Sayville....we'll head on over there and grab a soup or a coffee and sketch.