Monday, September 23, 2013

This Wednesday at 6PM

Let's start off Fall with a trip to the Lakeview Cemetary....Summer is gone, Autumn is here and the year is slowly winding down.

We are going to sketch the Lakeview Cemetery located on Main Street  in Patchogue between Waverly Avenue and right next to Briarcliff can park on Main Street or you can park in Briarcliff's/YMCA parking lot and walk around.....though I think there is a way in on the YMCA side.

This cemetery has a lot of old monuments and some pretty awesome trees.   It's a very peaceful place to sketch....and the residents don't mind the company.  If we are lucky, we'll get a jump on fall foliage.

You will need to bring a chair and possibly insect repellent, though I am hoping that the bugs are hanging more toward the water.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tomorrow evening at 6PM

It's going to be a chilly evening tomorrow.......

One last gathering before Flo's closes for the us for one last summer evening at Flo's.......

I'm so depressed summer is over............

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Great sunset alert - tomorrow at 6PM

OK, barring any interruptions from thunderstorms......we will be sketching at the end of West Avenue in West Sayville......go past the entrance to the Maritime Museum and all the way to the end of West Ave is a pier where I am informed there are great sunsets......or maybe great cloud formations if Mother Nature decides to paint a different sky.....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Wednesday at 6PM

This week we will still try to get in a good sunset.  We'll meet at the Sandspit Park aka Davis Park Ferry.  If you are a Town of Brookhaven resident and you have a sticker, you can park with the sticker.  If you are not a resident, there are a couple of options for can park on the street for free and walk your sketch gear in....or you can pay the fee and park down at the end where we will be sketching....I think the fee is $5...tell them you are NOT there for the ferry but to sketch and yes, we will be leaving at dusk.  :-)

There are some good sketching subjects and it's a decent spot for sunsets.  Just go toward the back on the western side where the inlet is for the boats to come in and out of the Patchogue River...