Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This Wednesday at 6PM

We are going to sketch at the new Flo's in Patchogue.  They just opened about a week ago and since it's supposed to rain tomorrow, I am scheduling Flo's, but if the weather turns out half way decent and you don't want to sketch inside, the Lakeview Cemetary is across the parking lot and the trees are blooming over there.  

The address for the new Flo's is below but it's in the same building as Briarcliffe College.  Plenty of Parking.  We will be sketching at the seasonal Flo's when it reopens next month.

Flo's Luncheonette
225 West Main Street
Patchogue, NY 11772

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Please save these dates


The Patchogue Chamber would like to put more Arts in their events and they asked if the Patchogue Sketch Club could attend the Alive After Five dates I will list below:

This is In Lieu of Wednesday for the four dates below, our sketch club Outings are going to move from Wedesday to Thursday for these 4 dates only.....unless otherwise noted, all other sketch club outings will continue to be Wedesday evenings or Mondays at Creators Bar for those that can't make Wednesdays.....however, for the sake of scheduling, I am sending out this reminder now:

The four Alive After Five dates are:
July 17th
July 31
August 14
August 28

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Wednesday at 7:15 PM

This week we will be sketching at the SBAA meeting where Doug Broadhurst will be presenting a demo.....if any of you are interested in showing in the SBAA Member show, you can submit your fees at the meeting on Wednesday.  You must be an SBAA member to show so you will to join SBAA if you would like to be part of the SBAA member show in May.

 The monthly meeting and demo will be held at 7:15 PM on Wed, April 23rd, 2014, at the Bellport Community Center, 4 Bell Street, Bellport NY.  The demonstration will immediately follow the monthly meeting and is free for anyone who wishes to attend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Well, since Old Man WInter 2014 refuses to relinquish his clutches on us with this cool weather...tomorrow we are going to sketch at the Sun Vet Mall on Sunrise Highway.  There are a few Spring Displays that will make for great sketching. It's very cheery and Springy.  You may need to bring a chair as the benches may not be in the best sketching spots.

For those if you not familiar with Sun Vet Mall, it's the mall where AC Moore is and their address is:

A.C. Moore

Sun Vet Mall
5801 Sunrise Hwy
Holbrook, NY 11741

for mapping purposes.

Remember to post your sketches on Facebook.



Monday, April 7, 2014

This Wednesday at 6PM

We are going to sketch at the Watch Hill Ranger Station at the intersection of Laurel St and Argyle Ln on the Patchogue River...not a bad spot actually.  We'll meet around 6PM....

There are a few parking spots on both sides of the building.  Bring a chair.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This Wednesday at 6PM

This Wednesday we will be sketching the Village of Patchogue.  You can sketch anywhere on Main Street from Maple Ave just East of the theater to S Ocean Ave....the weather is supposed to be decent.  Bring your own chair.  There is Roast Coffee and Tea company on that block if you need a warm beverage.  Look for store fronts and interesting architectural details to sketch.  If it is too chilly for you or the weather changes like it did yesterday morning, (I got caught in that snow on the LIE yesteday morn, what a freaking nightmare) you can always go into Roast and sketch.

Folks, don't forget, to prepare sketches for a Sketch Club show....If you want to put a sketchbook in, please make sure it is a full sketchbook and you don't mind people flipping through it or it being on display for a while...   I can show you how to make several types that you can make yourself to add a more original and creative element.  You are also welcome to pull your sketches out of the sketchbooks and frame them for the show like Bill and Tom do, if that's what you prefer.   Plein air studies done on sketch nights are also welcome.

Again, to be fair to all the folks that do come out and sketch, if you don't attend the sketch outings, you will not be permitted to submit for the Sketch Club side of this show.   You don't need to come every week, but you do need to attend outings.