Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Wednesday April 25th at 6PM

As this is the fourth Wednesday of the month, SBAA will be having their meeting at 7:15 in Bellport.  So, to make it easy for folks to attend both sketch night and SBAA...we'll sketch in Bellport on Main street then head over to the meeting.  If it's chilly, you can sketch from your car.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Wednesday April 18 at 6PM

We are going to meet this week in Sayville down by the water where if it's nice, we can sit out and sketch or have the option to sketch from our cars if it's chilly.

You need to take S Main St/Middle Road to Seaman Road. Follow Seaman Road South to Brown's River Road, which should be the 2nd road on your right. Take that to the the end until you reach the waterfront and we will be sketching there. It's a good location for either sketching from the car or out in the open.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wednesday April 11th at 6PM

We are going to meet at the Bellport Dock at 6PM to sketch. There's plenty of space to park and sketch from our cars if the weather is less than favorable. The dock is at the end of Bellport Lane, down by the water.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This Wednesday at 6PM

We are going to sketch over at Post Morrow Homestead On Bay Ave...You take Montauk Highway from Bellport to Brookhaven Hamlet.....turn on Beaver Dam Road heading toward the water and make a right on Bay Ave...Post Morrow will be on the right...there's signs on the property....

This link also has a map...I notice there's also mention of a snowy owl on Fire Island....hmmmm, we may have to make an excursion over there.

It's not a bad place to sketch or do studies. There's water, landscape opportunities.