Monday, August 30, 2010

Wednesday sketch Evening September 1st at 6:00PM - BYOC

We are bumping up the time to 6 because of the days getting shorter, but there really is no set time, just show up when it is most convenient for you.
Looks like Wednesday is going to be a nice evening, and warm, so we'll try another outing by the water.
We'll try Bellport this time, the end of Bellport Lane, down by the waterfront. Parking may be an adventure but if they don't let you in the main lot, try off to the side lot or side streets or park down by the community center and walk down.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kick off Party for the Walking Arts Tour

As you know, the Patchogue Sketch Club falls under the umbrella of the Patchogue Arts Council. The PAC will be hosting a kick off party and mixer for the Walking Arts Tour this Saturday, 8/28, at 6 PM at the Center for the Visual Arts, 199 Blue Point Ave in Blue Point.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here's some sketches from this month

Here are a couple more sketches from this month

Some sketches from our August Outings

Here are some of the sketches from folks done during our August Outings...

wednesday sketch Evening August 25th at 6:30PM - BYOC

Well, it looks like the weather won't be too nice Wednesday. Let's meet at the Sayville Starbucks...if it's cool and isn't raining, we could sketch outside and if it is raining, we can sit inside with a coffee and sketch the folks coming in a out.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday sketch Evening August 18th at 6:30PM - BYOC

Since the weather is still supposed to be nice and the summer is getting shorter, we are going to head back down to where we were last week at the end of S Dunton Road in East Patchogue. If you want a different view of the same beach, Mirimar, two blocks West of S Dunton has a bigger seating area.
As it gets more into September and it gets to be too cool to be by the water, we'll be heading inland more so let's enjoy the end of the summer by the water while we still can.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last week Sketch Outing - Special Guest

I am still catching up with posts, but wanted to mention last week we were honored by being joined by a young lady of about 11. We were all sitting on Patchogue River, across from the Harbor Crab....a bunch of us old salts, singing along to the music from the Harbor Crab live band along with this young talented young lady, who was brought to the outing by her grandmother.
It was a nice sketch evening and it was made a little brighter by our young visitor.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where to buy supplies

At the end of the sketch evening tonight, we were discussing where to buy art materials. Surprisingly, Long Island is a bit short on stores that carry quality artist materials and we pretty much have to trek into the city (NYC) to get art supplies. I purchase a lot of my supplies on-line, so as promised, here are the links of some good suppliers and my thoughts on them, these are my opinions, no they aren't paying me to say nice things about them: OK, personal preference, but I LOVE their Guerrilla Paintboxes. I get a lot of materials from Jerry's, they usually have pretty decent prices, but their special sales, like buy $99 worth of stuff and get free shipping, isn't much of a deal if you aren't looking to spend that much money at a time. They're customer service is responsive and they are a good place to buy artist materials. This is sort of like the twin site to Jerry's, decent prices. OK, not going to lie, I LOVE their watercolors. They also have a great promo once in a while where shipping is FREE, yes, that's FREE, no limited purchase. I've used them a few times, not bad. Ok, if you are a pastelist, this place will make you DROOL. Rochester Art Supply, good customer service, drawers and drawers of pastels of all kinds, Diane Townsends, Terry Ludwig, Great Americans....If you are in the Rochester area, go visit, it's a candy store for artists. They are good, just a little pricier than Jerry's or Cheap Joe's.

Overall, all of the above are pretty decent, it pays to shop around, especially if you know what you are looking for and even EBay has some good buys.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 9, 2010

wednesday sketch Evening August 11th at 6:30PM - BYOC

It's supposed to be warm this Wednesday, so a visit back by the water would probably be a cool idea, I found a marshy spot in East Patchogue. You take S Dunton Road (it's off of S Country Road between Bellport and East Patchogue). If you are coming from Patchogue on S Country Road, you are making a right onto S Dunton (it's one of the few lights on S Country Road). If you are coming from the Bellport direction, you will make a left at the S Dunton light. Drive all the way to the end and park, we'll be in that general area.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paint out in Bellport with a Battling Brushes contest!

Folks, here's a great opportunity to put all those sketching skills to the test by using them to paint plein air!

Check out for more detailed information.

Bellport Centennial Paint Out
Hosted by the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council

When: Friday, August 6 to Sunday, August 8, 2010
Where: en plein air in the Historic Village of Bellport, NY
Exhibit drop off: Sunday, August 8 2 to 4 pm
Location: Phoenix Art Gallery, 139 So.Country Rd, Bellport
Exhibit pick up: Sunday, August 22 2-4pm
The BAHC and the Bellport Centennial Committee are inviting artists of all ages to paint en plein air in the Historic Village of Bellport,
NY. There will be an exhibit to close out the paint out and artists are invited to bring their finished work to the Phoenix Gallery on
Sunday, August 8th. All artists must register for the weekend event. Registrations will be accepted in person, by email or by phone at
the Phoenix Gallery any time before Friday, August 6th, 2010.
Rules for the Paint out:
Maps will be available for the areas to paint.
All painting mediums will be accepted, for show and sales.
Paintings should be properly framed and wire mounted, no hooks or brackets, and brought to the Gallery on Sunday from 2 to 4 pm for
No photo references will be permitted,
All art must be completed during the plein air outing between Aug 6th and Aug 8th, and done on location in Bellport.
Works completed outside of Bellport will not be permitted as this is for the Centennial Celebration.
Work may be offered for sale subject to a 30% Commission and must remain on exhibit until August 22nd.
Artists are encouraged to submit 2 works for free and additional works are encouraged for a $5 fee per work.
Artists will be responsible for making arrangements to pick up their work on Sunday, 8/22 between 2 and 4 pm.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wednesday sketch Evening August 4th at 6:30PM - BYOC

Wow, August already!!! This summer seems to be flying by! Our next sketch outing will be on the Patchogue River front, next to the Patchogue Bowling alley, 138 West Street, the intersection of West and Division Streets. We can park here and walk over to the waterfront next to the Watch Hill Ferry Terminal.
A word to the wise, flip flops and sandals would not be the desired attire since the geese have dibs on the area first, so wear something more appropriate; shoes that you don't mind walking in goose poo and getting dirty. There's the waterfront and usually a lot of waterfowl, great for practicing sketching those moving targets. There's also Harbor Crab with outside dining, perfect for sketching people in that environment.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Adventures in Sketching

Getting out to sketch, whether you are local or out and about our fair land, can be an adventure and it helps to have a sense of humor.
One of our recent outings in Blue Point ended a little quicker than normal due to the extremely dark clouds that had moved into the area. We quickly finished up our sketches of this adorable home (note the threatening sky behind it, kitty came out to see what we were up to...) and packed it in. Rain is one element that we can work around by sketching from the car, but thunderstorms accompanied by a tornado warning are a different matter and we cut our outing short, all the while, taking home another tale to tell of our Adventures in Sketching.
It was a pretty cool looking sky, too.